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Better be safe and read the tips!

  • Visitors to the Net Park must follow the internal rules of the park.

  • Children must be under the supervision of an adult parent or guardian / every 3 children under 5 must be accompanied by at least one adult accompanying person.

  • It is forbidden to visit the park under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • It is forbidden to bring any sharp or flammable objects into the park.

  • The weight limit for a person is 130 kg.

  • The total number of visitors who can stay at the park at the same time is 40.

  • It is forbidden to climb and swing in the walls of the park and not to run over net bridges and tunnels.

  • It is recommended to be in the park with socks or to wear closed footwear with non-slip rubber sole.

Internal rules of the net park:

  • Every person attending the park is required to complete and sign the park attendance form.

  • Attendance forms for persons under the age of 18 are signed by a parent or guardian.

  • Persons under 8 years of age must be under the supervision of a parent or guardian and should be looked after.

  • A child (ren) who has not reached the age of 5 years should not be alone in network squares, bridges and tunnels. A complete supervision of an adult is required. 

  • The Park does not offer child care services.

  • Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs should not be in the park.

  • The weight limit for network visitors is up to 130 kg.

  • Pregnant women and people with health problems should not jump in the park.

  • Visitors to the Park assume full responsibility for the compliance of their health status and physical fitness with such activities.

  • Hustling, wrestling in the park, as well as jogging in the network bridges and tunnels are strictly prohibited.

  • Visitors are not allowed to touch the fastening of the park structures.

  • Visitors should not climb, stand up, or hang over the walls of a network park.

  • Always jump and land on two feet. Never fall on your head.

  • If you fall, try to keep your hands, feet and head as close to your body as possible, so that the body gets a ball shape.

  • Only 7 people can be in one room at a time.

  • Jumping, flipping, backward or other tricks are forbidden.

  • It is not allowed to stay in the park with belt buckles, clothes rivets, jewelery, key chains or other sharp objects as well as burning items.

  • It is advised to stay in socks or in closed, comfortable shoes with rubber soles (non-slip) in the park.

  • It is not allowed to have food and drinks in the park.

  • Never try to do any activities or tricks that are beyond your personal abilities.

  • You must not jump over the walls of the park, nor sit and support your body.

  • The park instructor has the right to expel you from the network park if there are repeated breaches of security rules, as well as in other cases (if your or other visitors' safety or health is compromised).

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