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Klases diena Līgatnē!

Izvēlies sev tīkamāko ekskursijas plānu.

Ieskaties galerijā
un ieplāno varenu


Izzini un izglītojies

Nodarbība piemērota skolēniem

5.-12. klases vecumā.



It is possible to combine the activities, for instance, go hiking, then jump in the net park, after have a meal in the Cafe. 


1 hour in the Net park 6 Eur;

Wild Ligatne hike 5 Eur; 

Cafe Lunch 4 Eur; 

Picnic 1 Eur.

All prices are per person.


Jump in the trees

An hour long treetop adventure.

The park instructors watch the kids to play safely.



''Wild Līgatne''


2 hours long hike with a guide will let you explore the nature, the terrain, caves, sandstone outcrops and possibly cross the river Ligatne bare foot! 


Lunch or Picnic

Enjoy a Cafe served meal (Soup or French Fries + grilled cheese and ham sandwich + drink for 4 Eur per person) or have a picnic (1 Eur per person) - we will set up the grill for you!

All the terraces are with roofs so the rain won't spoil the fun!


Thanking the teachers

To express the gratitude we offer the Net park and Wild Ligatne hike for free to teachers!


Book a Tour

Call +371 25779944 or email

and we will plan a day for you!

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